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This page contains links to many useful utilities and articles to help you in your computing life. Try some out and suggest other of your favorites to be added.

Here's a utility that will tell you exactly what is inside a computer. You get a report that includes, not only the hardware, but the software along with each program's license number and software keys. And, it's free. Just download here and run it.

Here's another one that's very small and gives you all sorts of information about your motherboard, memory, processor and much more.  It's great when you want to add memory to your system and don't know if you have room for more (an empty slot) and what type to buy. Check processor type and speed and bus speed.

Here are two utilities that provide for erasing/overwriting data on your hard disk drive so that it cannot ever be recovered.

Here's one that can recover files deleted by accident or lost when your PC froze, crashed or performed some strange action. PC Inpector File Recovery

This group are all links to PC Magazine's useful pages:

  • Utility SuperGuide We review 189 utilities: There's one for nearly every PC task imaginable!
  • Backup and Recovery Safeguard against lost data. Don't be scared: Today's solutions are easy, cheap and accessible.
  • Microsoft Office Tools Add new, sweet functions to your suite.
  • Migration Utilities Move to a new PC easily while retaining that familiar look and feel.
  • System Utilities Quick remedies for sprucing up your system.
  • Disk Tools Get the most out of your drive from organization to data recovery.
  • Printing Utilities Printing options you didn't know you even wanted.
  • Utility Suites Get virus protection, encryption, and more all in one neat little package.
  • Desktop Customization Use one of these nifty screen savers, or change your desktop's appearance altogether.
  • File Management View files and convert formats.
  • Text Tools Manipulate, search and sort text easier and in new ways.
  • Internet Utilities Surf smarter, speed downloads, stop pop-ups and more.
  • Screen Capture Utilities Get the shot of the Web site, video or program on your screen.
  • Networking Assess, monitor and troubleshoot with these $99 or less toolboxes.
  • Keyboard and Macro Assign hot keys and create toolbars to automate tasks.
  • Snake Oil Not all utilities are useful: The truth behind the Web.
  • Download Direct Click on a product name to download the utility or, where applicable, sign up for the service.
  • 10th Annual Utility Guide 6/2002 - Check the links on the right side for individual utility categories
  • PC Magazine's Utility Treasure Chest
    Like utilities? Then you won't want to miss these goodies that you can only find right at
    Cookie Cop Stop annoying pop-ups and invasive cookies.
    Startup Cop Control the programs that load on your system and appear in your taskbar.
    BHO Cop Lets you disable Browser Helper Objects without uninstalling them.
    EndItAll 2 Find out which tasks are running on your PC and which are safe to close.