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The links shown below are all health related sites. They are arranged alphabetically for your convenience. We hope our members and the community at large find them interesting and informative and use them cautiously as we cannot guarantee the content of any of these sites.

  • 1UpHealth: Medical resource provides comprehensive and authorative information and news on diseases, symptoms, tests, surgery, injuries, nutrition, medications, and poisons. Focuses on family and community health.
  • American Parkinson Disease Association: The disease, local referrals, support groups, research funding
  • American Stroke Association - Info on strokes
  • Arthritis - Arthritis Foundation
  • Ask a Doctor - Personal answers to medical questions from 3 physicians. Thousands of board-certified doctors who answer questions by e-mail, usually within an hour. $16.95 per question.
  • Bottom Line's Free Health Information This index includes listings of toll-free numbers and Web site addresses of organizations that provide useful health-related information. A really great source of information on all sorts of topics.
  • Breast Cancer - A full featured site covering every aspect of the disease.
  • Cancer - Covers all different types of cancer with searches and lots of information.
  • Caregiver Alliance Information resource on long term care.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • ChronicNet This site is the most comprehensive resource for reporting on chronic health conditions and disabilities on the national, state, and local level
  • Consumer Reports drug evaluation. Prescription drugs can be expensive, even if you have insurance coverage. But there are medicines that can effectively meet your medical needs and give you better value for your health care dollar. Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs is a free public education service from the nonprofit Consumers Union. Reports on the drugs in various categories can be downloaded to print out and discuss with your doctor.
  • Diabetes (American Diabetes Association Center) Do you have diabetes and not know it? Take their test.
  • Diabetes (children with) - Food, diet, dictionary. Diabetes basics, message boards, chat rooms. Links galore.
  • Diabetes Interview News - Free weekly e-newsletter for people with diabetes. To subscribe, send a message to, and write "subscribe" in the body of the message.
  • Diabetes (Joslin Diabetes Center) - Request a free booklet on the latest research, a copy of their magazine and a list of their affiliated clinics and centers.
  • Diabetes Learning Center - Diabetes information and resources provided by Healthline. Very comprehensive.
  • DrKoop Register for a health letter via E-mail. Extensive array of information on many health topics. Indexed for easy lookup.
  • DrugWatch a comprehensive Web site database featuring extensive information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide.
  • Edell, Dr. Dean The famous HealthCentral explores the doctor's expertise and links to information.
  • Food and Drug Administration US Government's great index of many health related topics.
  • Government Health sites Government and non-profit health related search site.
  • Health After 50
  • Health and Age - Nutrition advice and information on various diseases and conditions. Include Alzheimer's, falls, injuries, vision.
  • Healthfinder
  • Heart Disease A very comprehensive site covering all aspects of the disease. News, search, library, etc.
  • Helen Hayes Hospital care for physical disabilities, chronic & disabling diseases.
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center - Intelihealth
  • KidsHealth - KidsHealth is the largest and most visited site on the Web providing doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. Created by The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media.
  • Lab Tests Online Help in understanding your lab test results (i.e. cholesterol screening). Designed by various medical experts to help consumers understand more about clinical tests.
  • LifeClinic - health and wellness. Special focus: blood pressure and hypertension. Blood pressure kiosk locator (just enter your zip code/address and see a map of nearby kiosks) and on-line health charting.
  • MayoHealth Mayo Clinic. Search for topics. New articles posted frequently. Info on prescriptions.
  • Medicare - The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare
  • MedicareRights - Up to date info and activities that act as "Your guide through the Medicare maze." Benefits under the new Medicare law.
  • MedecineNet Search engine, Diseases, Conditions, Procedures & Tests, Medications, Medical Dictionary, Healthy Living, informational audio recordings. A great site, easy to use with lots of valuable information.
  • Medical Help Line - Specific medical qquestions addressed by medical professionals. People with the condition join in.
  • MedScape - Specialty pages, search, Today's News.
  • MedlinePlus Diseases and conditions and drugs to treat them. Explains use of drugs, how each should be taken and side effects.
  • MyOptumHealth myOptumHealth is a health and wellness information site  that provides facts you can understand and tips you can use, when you need them most.
  • National Council Against Health Fraud a private nonprofit, voluntary health agency that focuses upon health misinformation, fraud, and quackery
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institute on Aging health information for older people.
  • National Institue of Neurological Disorders and Stoke Guides to common neurological disorders
  • National Parkinson's Foundation: Advocacy and information
  • Neurology WebForum: Online patient and caregiver discussions
  • OnHealth: Symptom Checker, Daily briefing, Wellness Manager, Ask the Expert, references & links galore.
  • Parkinson's Web, Harvard University: Information and links
  • Quackwatch Check facts on supplements and herbal remedies. A Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery
  • Rory Foundation (Non-profit)- Cancer 411, a comprehensive cancer library and resource
  • US Dept Health and Human Services
  • US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • UNITED STATES PHARMACOPEIA promotes public health by establishing and disseminating officially recognized standards of quality and authoritative information for the use of medicines and other health care technologies by health professionals, patients, and consumers.
  • WebMD -free information on a wide range of conditions and diseases.