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Common search engines

Searches are web based except DL requires software download. The links below are to useful search engine sites. If you have problems with any of these or know of other for specialized or general search purposes, let me know and they will be included in the list.

  • About very effective for general queries
  • All4One combining the power of all the worlds best search engines into one
  • AltaVista DECs search engine
  • Askjeeves Phrase an English language question and get a multitude of potential answers.
  • Beaucoup Links to over 800 search engines in nicely arranged categories. Gotta try this one!!
  • Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Watch search engine info
  • Dejanews Categorized searches.
  • DirectHit excels at home page searches
  • DirectSearch searches web databases hidden from other engines
  • Ditto Search for graphics files by name or category
  • Dogpile Multi-engine web based searches
  • Excite Excite Search engine
  • FAST impressive focused queries
  • GoTo Fast, organized output
  • Google One of the fastest and most comprehensive searches.
  • Government US Government web search site
  • HotSheet Many, many links to all sorts of good stuff
  • IBM IBMs file search and download
  • - META Search
  • INFO.COM - Displays the results of 12 search engines
  • Infoseek Infoseek search engine
  • Infozoid Metasearch using multiple engines you choose
  • IXQUICK IXQuick multiple search engines. Also, MP3, pictures, news
  • Kartoo Multi-engine search results displayed in interactive map for easy navigation.
  • Looksmart Searches and categorized groups.
  • Lycos Lycos Search engine
  • Lycos Database Search Directory of Searchable Databases (dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedia)
  • one of the fastest and best multiple engine searches around.
  • MetaCrawler A multi-engine search.
  • Metor metasearch with your choice of multiple engines
  • Microsoft Troubleshooter Search engine
  • MiningCo Each GuideSite, created by a qualified Guide, is devoted to a single topic - complete with site reviews, feature articles and discussion areas. Helps you get the most out of your time online.
  • MSN Extensive refined searches
  • NBCi strong results in commerce, finance, unusual phrases (formerly SNAP.COM)
  • NetSearch Search by category with links to various search engines
  • NorthernLight rated best by PC Magazine
  • Oingo very good targeted searches
  • Open Directory Project organized directories
  • PC Computing Search for files, download
  • PC Win Latest software for download PC Resource Center
  • Raging Search pure, unbridled power search
  • SavvySearch Multi-engine search plus many specialized categories.
  • SearcheBooks search E books
  • SearchEdu search education/university sites
  • SearchEngineWatch Search for info on other search engines, learn each ones syntax idiosyncrasies. (Meta search)
  • SearchGov search US government sites
  • SearchMil search over 1 million US Military pages
  • Sherlock Hound Search multiple top engines. Also, category search.
  • WebFerret DL PC based, multiple-engine searches
  • Yahoo Yahoo Search engine