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Review: Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
Author: Ken Herbig
Manufacturer:Microsoft Corporation (
System requirements: IntelliPoint version 3.0 software (included); Windows® 95/98/NT® Workstation 4.0
Service Pack 3 or later; 30 MB of available hard disk space; Round mouse port (PS/2-compatible) or USB port; CD-ROM. Note: Connection to the USB port on a PC requires that Windows 98 be running on your computer.

If you have ever used a mouse, you will be interested in this product!
For years the "Mouse" has always operated in the same way. You move the mouse on the mouse pad and the ball in the mouse moves on two roller bars, one for vertical and one for horizontal movement of the cursor. Two buttons on the front, one on the left and one on the right. There were some that had a wheel in between the buttons for scrolling and others that had a third button in the middle.
Intellimouse pic

Microsoft has outdone themselves this time. They have come out with a mouse that has done away with the ball and rollers. Finally, a mouse that you don't have to constantly clean. There is no opening on the underside, so there is no way for dirt and lint to buildup in it. Nothing to make the mouse operate in an erratic fashion. It was always fun when you would try to move the cursor up and to the left and it would go about half way and stop. I am sure that you all know what I mean!

The IntelliMouse has an optical sensor called the IntelliEye. "It uses a tiny CMOS digital camera to take 1,500 pictures per second of the surface beneath the mouse. A digital signal processor then analyzes these pictures and translates movement of the mouse into crisp movement of the cursor on your computer screen."

By doing this, you can use the mouse on any surface that has a grain or pattern of some type. It may have a problem with shiny surfaces and mirrors, but I haven't found anything that it didn't work on yet. If your work requires precise mouse movement, this is the way to go. Also, your mouse movement is no longer limited to the size of your mouse pad.

The mouse comes with a wheel, for scrolling and zooming. They also have given you a couple of extra programmable buttons. They added two buttons on the left side of mouse that can be programmed the way you want. If you are a surfer, you can use them as forward and back buttons. If you use a word processor a lot. You can program them to be your copy and paste keys. I really enjoy this feature, as it is a real time saver.

The mouse has a new comfortable feel to it. The arched shape lets your palm rest on it in a comfortable position. For those of you who use a mouse most of the day, this is a real breakthrough in comfort.

I would recommend the IntelliMouse Explorer to every serious computer user. I didn't know what I was missing until I got mine.

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