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Review: FLAG MOUSE from Simex Systems

reviewed by Roberta Mikkelsen
Is it possible that I am the only person with persistent mouse problems? Mice die on me. They become dysfunctional. They are erratic. Every time one quits, I buy a new and different model, hopeful that my new mouse will behave. I am usually disappointed (I have a box full of these disappointments.)
Recently, I acquired a new mouse from Simex Systems. I liked it immediately. While its general shape is not that different from other mice I have used, it is just different enough to feel more comfortable in the hand. The appearance is very radical: it looks like the American flag: a field of blue, peppered with white stars where the buttons are. The rest of the body is alternate red and white stripes; wavy, as though blowing in the wind. I've seen one other from this company painted up as a lady bug. Very cute.

Their other mice are worth checking out, too. You can listen to the radio through one, or download MP3 through another. One is shaped like a UFO, a new one boasts to be the only security mouse, and another blinks.

The prices are in British pounds, ranging from £13.99 for the Flag mouse ($22.66) to £110.45 ($178.993) for the top of the line BogoCop security mouse. The novelty line includes the UFO, the Frog, and a cordless. Visit their web site at for more details.

The "All Eyes" feature is fun, and practical. At the top of the screen are a pair of eyeballs. The pupils of the eyes follow the cursor. I tried to get it to go cross eyed by moving the cursor between them, but the eyelids simply close. Its function, of course, is to help you locate your cursor when it is lost in a maze of type.

It can be directly plugged into a 9-pin serial port, or you can use the adapter to plug into a 25-pin serial port. Other mice are USB supported. The software is comprehensive and allows you to configure the mouse the way you desire from the available options. There is a swap-buttons option, where you can reassign the right and left buttons; the cursor speed can be changed from slow to fast; the cursor tail can be made long or short; the double-click speed can be slow or fast; the cursor can be made small or large. You may also select black cursor, or white, transparent or reverse.

With the third, or middle, button feature you can simulate keyboard functions such as selecting F1 through F9, esc., backspace, page-up, page-down, or enter. With the third button you can also assign other features such as: close application, double click, drag lock, find document, maximize or minimize window, start menu, run, zoom or scroll.

I love my new mouse!

Simex Systems
United Kingdom

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